[Intel-gfx] Interrupt latency on some 945GM platforms

Vasily Khoruzhick anarsoul at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 23:41:18 CEST 2010

В сообщении от 14 of September 2010 00:19:55 автор Jesse Barnes написал:
> On Tue, 14 Sep 2010 00:10:08 +0300
> Vasily Khoruzhick <anarsoul at gmail.com> wrote:
> > В сообщении от 13 of September 2010 23:44:41 автор Jesse Barnes написал:
> > > I remember seeing a similar problem on an Eee PC I had; it seemed to be
> > > timer/interrupt related somehow.  If I booted with clocksource=tsc
> > > (or maybe it was pit) I got nice smooth animations, but if I used the
> > > HPET things were really slow.
> > > 
> > > Does the same work for you?
> > 
> > Yeah, it works for me (will use it as temporary workaround). But it
> > definitely is not clean solution, as I can't use nohz mode with tsc
> > clocksource :)
> Thomas, does this ring any bells for you?
> I think the root symptom of the issue is that we get a much reduced i915
> interrupt frequency (or no interrupts) on some 945GM platforms when
> using HPET as our clock source.
> In fact, on the platform I tested, it seemed that the i915 IRQs wouldn't
> generate interrupts at all when HPET was used.  But shaking the mouse or
> generating network traffic was enough to get i915 interrupts coming in,
> even though neither of those interrupts were shared with the i915
> device.
> Here's hoping you have some ideas to try...
> Thanks,

Jesse, is it possible to disable wait for vsync somehow? cpufreq is not 
working for me with nohz=no for some reason, as result cpu temperature and 
power usage are higher. I prefer to see tearing but with low power usage and 
without jerky keyboard :)

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