[Intel-gfx] Using quirks to fix incorrect Monitor physical size

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 15 15:53:18 CEST 2010

On 2010/09/13 22:42 (GMT) Nasa composed:

> Felix Miata wrote:

>> Does Meego have /etc/sysconfig/videobios? I just discovered it on
>> openSUSE

>> that file does not exist.

I've since discovered that was made obsolete nearly two years ago.

> Checked the meego install and no that file doesn't exist -- good suggestion
> though.

> I also tried the VESA driver, which just ended up giving me a black screen.

What about the fbdev driver? What about the intellegacy driver? I don't see
intellegacy in the Meego repo, but openSUSE 11.3 has it, so maybe if Meego
doesn't have it incorporated in some larger package you can boot some live CD
or DVD that does have it to see if it can make your display work properly.

Hmmm, IIRC a new quarterly Intel driver release is due RSN. Maybe that will
be your answer.
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