[Intel-gfx] GM45 VAAPI Issue

Gabriel Torreiro de Moraes gtmoraes1 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 16:29:10 CET 2011

I've installed everything from the 2010Q4 with success, but when I try
to run a movie using VAAPI, the player just closes. I've tried mplayer,
boxee and XBMC.
Check this error log

MPlayer Log:

        Starting playback...
        Unsupported PixelFormat 61
        [VD_FFMPEG] Trying pixfmt=1.
        Movie-Aspect is undefined - no prescaling applied.
        VO: [vaapi] 1920x796 => 1920x796 H.264 VA-API Acceleration 
        [VD_FFMPEG] XVMC-accelerated MPEG-2.
        mplayer: i965_avc_ildb.c:621: i965_avc_ildb_decode_init:
        Assertion `avc_ildb_context->urb.cs_start +
        avc_ildb_context->urb.num_cs_entries *
        avc_ildb_context->urb.size_cs_entry <=
        (((&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x0102 ||
        (&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x0112 || (&i965->intel)->device_id
        == 0x0122 || (&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x0106 ||
        (&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x0116 || (&i965->intel)->device_id
        == 0x0126 || (&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x010A) ? 1024 :
        (((&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x0042) ||
        ((&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x0046)) ? 1024 :
        (((&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x2E02 ||
        (&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x2E12 || (&i965->intel)->device_id
        == 0x2E22 || (&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x2E32) ||
        ((&i965->intel)->device_id == 0x2A42)) ? 384 : 256)' failed.
        MPlayer interrupted by signal 6 in module: decode video
        - MPlayer crashed. This shouldn't happen.

It's happening with any media player I try to use (XBMC, Boxee,
MPlayer). I discarded the Players' problem possibility, as three
different players can't have the same bug.
The drivers are 'brand new'. I'm not a Linux pro, so I installed
following the instructions (and adding --prefix=/usr at the end of
every ./configure). Games became better (Especially WINE ones), so I
guess they were properly installed.
Did I do something wrong, or VAAPI isn't implemented yet for my IGP? The
latter being true, any expectation on when it'll be?

(Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat | Acer Aspire 1410-2287 || Celeron 723
ULV 1.2GHz | 2GB DDR2 800 | Intel 4500 mHD | HDMI out)
Gabriel Torreiro de Moraes
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