[Intel-gfx] Headless configuration for i915

louis at museresearch.com louis at museresearch.com
Wed Apr 4 22:16:26 CEST 2012

  I'm trying to set up a system which can work either with a monitor or
without but have been running into crashes. When without a monitor, this
system still has to be able to run X. I am using xorg Intel driver 2.17
and a 2.6.33 modesetting kernel (and, if possible, I'd like to not
upgrade the kernel).

Running without a monitor, when I specify a monitor and timings in an X
configuration file, the driver tends to crash sometime after X's
VidModeGetFirstModeline and VidModeGetNumOfModes calls. I've tried setting
"DDC" to false in the configuration file, but this seems to be ignored by
the driver judging from the X log (as well as IgnoreEDID). I have also
tried VESA and nomodeset, which had stability issues when switching
between terminals and back to X.

Has anybody successfully run a headless configuration with these drivers?

Thanks for your help!
Louis Gorenfeld
Muse Research

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