[Intel-gfx] bo problem, file-max limit reached within two days

Knut Petersen Knut_Petersen at t-online.de
Thu Apr 12 09:55:11 CEST 2012

Am 02.04.2012 10:44, schrieb Chris Wilson:
> On Mon, 02 Apr 2012 10:36:44 +0200, Knut Petersen<Knut_Petersen at t-online.de>  wrote:
>> After a few unattended hours Xorg was still running,
>> but only a terminal window had survived the night :-(
>> Xorg: git, a few days old, kernel: 3.3.
>> Xorg.0.log: Nothing unusual
>> dmesg:
>> [156859.078080] [drm:drm_gem_create_mmap_offset] *ERROR* failed to allocate offset for bo 0
>> [179417.374016] VFS: file-max limit 204863 reached
>> I built a new X server and tried kernel 3.2.12 - that does not seem to help as
>> both the number of open files  and the number of gem objects still grow without
>> obvious reasons.
> It's the EFILE that is truly worrying. We have a patch in the queue to
> help ease the ENOSPC issue, but the EFILE implies a bo reference leak.
> And that I have not found yet.
> Happy hunting,
> -Chris

Well, it takes more than two days to trigger the EFILE limit here, but yesterday
the ENOSPC bo problem appeared 6.5 hours after booting the system with current
Xorg git and kernel 3.3.1. I wonder if this is one problem or if we face two independent bugs.


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