[Intel-gfx] [PATCH 00/29] Haswell round 3

Daniel Vetter daniel at ffwll.ch
Tue Apr 17 12:49:50 CEST 2012

On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 05:08:36PM -0300, Eugeni Dodonov wrote:
> Hi forks,
> Just in time for everyone's weekend, here comes the 3rd round of patches on
> Haswell.
> As major highlights, it also adds support for HDMI/DVI outputs and multi-head
> modes (I tried with VGA and HDMI).
> Other than that, it is the same patches with comments from the past round
> addressed (SBI locking support, proper WM calculation, better PCH items
> detection, and so on).
> Daniel, I think that the bits definitions, power wells, clocks programming, and
> modesetting for both FDI and HDMI modes should be good to go unless someone
> spots additional issues with them - so please, all of you who have something to
> say about them, say it now and bikeshed as you please :).

I've picked up a few more patches I couldn't find anything to bikeshed
about, the others grew some comments. I haven't looked too hard at the
actual modeset stuff given that you're already really busy reworking
things and moving stuff to intel_ddi.c

For the modeset stuff 2 general comments so you know from where the
bikeshed will hit you in the next review round:
- if possible, I'd like to hide most of the 'disable pch stuff on hsw'
  stuff behind crtc_driving_pch checks.
- I think we need to be careful about IS_HASWELL vs PCH_LPT checks,
  otherwise hsw+ppt will not work so great.

For the dip/infoframe stuff, maybe you can volunteer Paulo to help you
out, he's looking into this atm anyway. 

Cheers, Daniel

> Note that the DP and eDP modesetting support is not there yet - it will still
> require a considerable amount of patches.
> Also, there is one patch which fixes null pointer exceptions in gmbus code I
> was having with some of the drm-intel-next-queued iterations, but I don't think
> it is necessary at the moment now that gmbus stuff was disabled again (patch
> 5). I am not even sure if we'll hit those code paths with invalid values in
> real life, so I simple added some checks for cases when we don't have a valid
> adapter as it was looking too error-prone otherwise. Perhaps we could add a
> WARN into them as well.

> Eugeni Dodonov (29):
>   drm/i915: add definition of LPT FDI port width registers
>   drm/i915: add WRPLL divider programming bits
>   drm/i915: add Haswell DIP controls registers
>   drm/i915: support infoframes on Haswell
>   drm/i915: prevent NULL pointer exception when using gmbus
>   drm/i915: add support for SBI ops
>   drm/i915: calculate same watermarks on Haswell as on Ivy Bridge
>   drm/i915: share forcewaking code between IVB and HSW
>   drm/i915: haswell has 3 pipes as well
>   drm/i915: reuse Ivybridge interrupts code for Haswell
>   drm/i915: share pipe count handling with Ivybridge
>   drm/i915: share IVB cursor routine with Haswell
>   drm/i915: show unknown sdvox registers on hdmi init
>   drm/i915: do not use fdi_normal_train on haswell
>   drm/i915: do not enable PCH PLL on pre-haswell
>   drm/i915: detect PCH encoders on Haswell
>   drm/i915: enable power wells on haswell init
>   drm/i915: disable rc6 on haswell for now
>   drm/i915: program WM_LINETIME on Haswell
>   drm/i915: do not use old code paths on Haswell
>   drm/i915: initialize DDI buffer translations
>   drm/i915: perform Haswell DDI link training in FDI mode
>   drm/i915: disable pipe DDI function when disabling pipe
>   drm/i915: program iCLKIP on Lynx Point
>   drm/i915: detect digital outputs on Haswell
>   drm/i915: add support for DDI-controlled digital outputs
>   drm/i915: add WR PLL programming table
>   drm/i915: prepare HDMI link for Haswell
>   drm/i915: hook Haswell devices in place
>  drivers/char/agp/intel-agp.c         |    4 +
>  drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_dma.c      |    2 +-
>  drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_drv.c      |    7 +
>  drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_irq.c      |    6 +-
>  drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_reg.h      |   23 +
>  drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c |  763 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
>  drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_drv.h     |    1 +
>  drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_hdmi.c    |  602 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-
>  8 files changed, 1357 insertions(+), 51 deletions(-)
> -- 
> 1.7.10
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