[Intel-gfx] Intel Mobile 4 Series on Lubuntu 12.04 don't work

Stefano Fraccaro stefano.fraccaro at libero.it
Tue Apr 24 14:05:17 CEST 2012

I have both 2a42 and 2a43. Strange is strange... with Ubuntu 10.10 32 
bit all works perfectly. I'm trying with an ubuntu 12.04 64 bit (instead 
of Lubuntu). I have attached to this message all the logs that you have 

Il 24/04/2012 12.18, Daniel Vetter ha scritto:
> On Tue, Apr 24, 2012 at 09:28:32AM +0000, Guo, Chaohong wrote:
>> Strange,  even in upstream kernel,  drm driver supports 2a42 only, but the id of his device is 2a43 ?
> Hm, in that case we also need the output of lspci -nn
> -Daniel

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