[Intel-gfx] For the ones affected by RC6 issues..

Eugeni Dodonov eugeni.dodonov at intel.com
Wed Feb 8 22:04:47 CET 2012


if you are among the ones affected by any kind of RC6 issues on Sandy Bridge
platform, please, try the following patch and report if it changes the
behavior somehow on your machine.

This patch allows to enable different and separate RC6 stages independently
from each other. So chances are, with one of the parameters things could
work better (or worse) for you. If this is the case, we'd really like to
know what happens.

So please, try it with different kernel i915_enable_rc6 parameter value.
Namely, the following ones:
 - i915_enable_rc6=1 (it should enable only RC6)
 - i915_enable_rc6=2 (it should enable only deep RC6)
 - i915_enable_rc6=3 (it should enable RC6 and deep RC6)
 - i915_enable_rc6=4 (it should enable deepest RC6)
 - i915_enable_rc6=5 (it should enable RC6 and deepest RC6)
 - i915_enable_rc6=6 (it should enable deep and deepest RC6)
 - i915_enable_rc6=7 (it should enable all possible RC6 states)

If anything changes with any of those parameters, please, let me know.


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