[Intel-gfx] linux driver support GVA3650 ?

Zhenyu Wang zhenyuw at linux.intel.com
Mon Feb 20 03:36:34 CET 2012

On 2012.02.17 15:21:05 +0800, Kevin Kuei wrote:
> Hi Jin,
> Thanks for your reply.
> I'm not familiar with MeeGo.
> Is it possible to retrieve the graphic driver from MeeGo and put it to generic
> linux for X.org server??

yes, meego does provide binary driver for cedarview.

You can find current rpm from http://download.meego.com/live/MeeGo:/1.2.0:/CedarTrail:/non-oss/MeeGo_1.2.0_CedarTrail/i586/
which contains X driver, GLES implement and required libraries. The xserver version it supports is 1.9.
And there's another version for tizen to support xserver 1.11.

Kernel part is GPL source code, you can grab from http://build.meego.com/package/files?package=kernel-adaptation-pc&project=devel%3Acdv

Note that it's for 32bit system only so far.

Open Source Technology Center, Intel ltd.

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