[Intel-gfx] [BUG] Crash during startup

Knut Petersen Knut_Petersen at t-online.de
Sat Oct 5 00:19:31 CEST 2013

Hi everybody!

A full Oct-1 build runs fine here, a full Oct-3 builds crashes reliably,
see attached log and diff of version list used.

hardware: AOpen i915GMm-hfs

Will be without email access this weekend.


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Building to run Linux / i686 (golem.site) Do 3. Okt 09:38:06  |	Building to run Linux / i686 (golem.site) Di 1. Okt 14:57:07 
pixman/     7d05a7f4dc825f9c778e534fdabb749199c2e439 vmx: the |	pixman/     b513b3dffe979056dbbbdc8e0659f8018c51c5f5 blitters
mesa/drm     ddbbdb13d80ea7f60e6f71356a444995b905366b drm: In |	mesa/drm     75f747b919e1b1cd852eeaa8e662e72273189fb2 radeon:
mesa/mesa     61519f15aceae3e986a6e287e69684a01de3221a docs:  |	mesa/mesa     eb0a57acaa7026b3212742a30f4ada3271d95616 i915: 
app/xauth     3be53072f8252962c6df740e64e897b970ae0349 Handle |	app/xauth     58140dbbd39389ad6af58e201e055f3d4b92d368 Look f
app/xkbcomp     cf213cbf30c3f405eca0232bf37cc3aeed25b471 tmp  |	app/xkbcomp     24d18e0a844041ef82441adb16aa18cc4b4814ae Maki
driver/xf86-video-intel     adbf01306a9f42efb26a485a80c3c7f39 |	driver/xf86-video-intel     c724098f2215ff4f4193bbae3d8e42889
xkeyboard-config/     7c7f937a2203bdcdc3b2e7cbe55ddfc34cffe3a |	xkeyboard-config/     aae40f98d6694e852c5e192f05643adbd16a325
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