[Intel-gfx] [PULL] drm-intel-fixes

Daniel Vetter daniel.vetter at ffwll.ch
Mon Oct 7 00:41:36 CEST 2013

Hi Dave,

Just a few important fixes, all cc: stable (I've checked this time around
and made sure they're really there ...). The dpms one is a regression from
the modeset rework and has a good chance to rectify Linus' hdmi issues.

Cheers, Daniel

The following changes since commit 15c03dd4859ab16f9212238f29dd315654aa94f6:

  Linux 3.12-rc3 (2013-09-29 15:02:38 -0700)

are available in the git repository at:

  git://people.freedesktop.org/~danvet/drm-intel tags/drm-intel-fixes-2013-10-07

for you to fetch changes up to c9976dcf55c8aaa7037427b239f15e5acfc01a3a:

  drm/i915: Only apply DPMS to the encoder if enabled (2013-10-03 22:47:39 +0200)

Chris Wilson (1):
      drm/i915: Only apply DPMS to the encoder if enabled

Francisco Jerez (1):
      drm/i915/hsw: Disable L3 caching of atomic memory operations.

Imre Deak (1):
      drm/i915: fix rps.vlv_work initialization

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
      drm/i915: Mask LPSP to get PSR working even with Power Well in use by audio.

 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/i915_reg.h      | 6 ++++++
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_display.c | 8 ++------
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_dp.c      | 2 +-
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_pm.c      | 9 +++++++--
 4 files changed, 16 insertions(+), 9 deletions(-)

Daniel Vetter
Software Engineer, Intel Corporation
+41 (0) 79 365 57 48 - http://blog.ffwll.ch

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