[Intel-gfx] Broken in 3.10.10

Thomas Richter thor at math.tu-berlin.de
Tue Oct 8 19:06:19 CEST 2013

On 08.10.2013 10:39, Daniel Vetter wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 8, 2013 at 9:24 AM, Daniel Vetter<daniel at ffwll.ch>  wrote:
>> I guess step one is to bisect the regression in 3.11. Fixing things on
>> top of 3.10 is imo pointless if later kernels break things harder ...
> btw the two SNA patches I've just submitted should improve things
> quite a bit. If that gets rid of the black screen then there's not
> really a need to do the bisect.

I'll try to pull these right now. The system is a bit on the slow side, 
given its age, and it might take the whole evening. Unfortunately, I 
won't have it available until next weekend, and then for quite a while.

BTW, there is not really any sense in trying to re-program the DVO once 
it is locked up, the "for" loop around it can simply go away. If it is 
stuck, nothing will made it un-stuck until the DPLL is again correct, 
and once the DPLL is correct, it works on first attempt.

On a second note: The current ns2501 code also assumes that the display 
is 1024x768, which is probably *often* correct, but not always
correct. Thus, it turns of scaling for this resolution, and turns it on 
for all others, where the scaling parameters come from the bios of the 
old lifebook I have here. Would be interesting to see whether this 
specific DVO was used on a system with any other display resolution, and 
the DVO scaling parameters from there.


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