[Intel-gfx] Patch for crashing intel server

Bas Wijnen wijnen at debian.org
Wed Oct 16 16:30:57 CEST 2013

On Tue, Oct 15, 2013 at 09:25:41AM +0100, Chris Wilson wrote:
> > This does indeed stop the server from crashing, but actually makes the
> > problem worse: it used to play video for a few minutes and then crash
> > when trying.  With my patch it would play video for a few minutes and
> > then present black screens when trying.  With your patch, it presents
> > black screens from the start.
> Start of video, or beginning of X?

Beginning of X.  After starting and logging in, I can play them for a
few minutes; afterwards it will crash.

> > I must say I'm not entirely sure if the backtrace I sent you is a
> > "typical" case; I managed to crash it sooner than usual, so perhaps it
> > wasn't the bug that I triggered before.  It did stop the crashing
> > however.
> > 
> > > However, that still leaveas the question as to how you ended up being
> > > unable to allocate bo...

I didn't check the backtrace myself, but when I wrote my shotgun-patch,
the problem was that pixmap_private was NULL; bo is in there, right?  So
at least in that case, it could never have allocated it, or at least it
couldn't store the pointer.

> > While looking for it I did find and try intel-gpu-time, and noticed that
> > it always reports the gpu 100% busy, even when running intel-gpu-time
> > sleep 5 from a linux virtual terminal (so not even X is displayed).  Is
> > that normal?
> Hmm, looks like it should report correctly on i915.

Due to unrelated problems (unbearable slowness) I switched from gnome to
xfce.  It does report 0% now.  It seems gnome keeps the gpu busy even if
it's not displaying anything...

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