[Intel-gfx] how to use i915 debugfs interface

remu kelly remukelly at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 03:01:03 PST 2015

Hi intel team,

I am working on a intel device with Linux kernel. I am able to see the i915
debugfs interface in path :-

but there are so many interface commands to use as listed below:

bufs          hs_adjust             i915_drpc_info
i915_gem_drop_caches  i915_gem_inactive   i915_gen6_forcewake_count
i915_opregion         i915_rpm_api        name
cb_adjust     i915_cache_sharing    i915_edp_psr_status
i915_gem_fence_regs   i915_gem_interrupt  i915_gfxec
i915_pc8_status       i915_rps_init       vm
clients       i915_capabilities     i915_emon_status
i915_gem_framebuffer  i915_gem_objects    i915_inttoext_table
i915_ppgtt_info       i915_rstdby_delays  vma
csc_adjust    i915_context_status   i915_energy_uJ
i915_gem_gtt          i915_gem_pageflip   i915_iosf_api
i915_rc6_api          i915_sr_status
csc_enable    i915_cur_delayinfo    i915_error_state
i915_gem_hws          i915_gem_pinned     i915_ips_status
i915_rc6_status       i915_swizzle_info
gamma_adjust  i915_delayfreq_table  i915_fbc_status
i915_gem_hws_blt      i915_gem_request    i915_llc
i915_ring_freq_table  i915_timestamp
gamma_enable  i915_dpio             i915_forcewake_user
i915_gem_hws_bsd      i915_gem_seqno      i915_mmio_api
i915_ring_hangcheck   i915_turbo_api
gem_names     i915_dpst_api         i915_gem_active
i915_gem_hws_vebox    i915_gem_stolen     i915_next_seqno
i915_ring_stop        i915_wedged


But I don't see any README file on how to use each command, I mean what
should be command format from shell command prompt, so that we can do the
needful activity.

I am new to Linux itself, so it would be helpful if I can get some info on
how to use the below interfaces in particular:-


And I have one suggestion, please use "DRM_ERROR" in all these interfaces,
as they show up in "dmesg", the copy to ubuf is not showing up in dmesg

Please please help me.
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