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Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 14 10:17:22 PST 2015

Ian Bruntlett composed on 2015-12-14 13:23 (UTC):

> Ian Bruntlett wrote:

>> I've got a couple of third hand computers using Intel graphics (Dell
>> Optiplex GX50, HP Compaq dc 7600) with graphics problems - Dell becomes
>> unusable, screen is all white with black squiggles after running updates on
>> Ubuntu 14.04LTS- freedesktop bug 93173, dc 7600 screen works most of the
>> time but occasionally is corrupted with random horizontal lines of junk
>> pixels).

> Well this is disappointing. No one has responded to my request for
> information. For roughly 10 years now I have been refurbishing PCs to give
> to people with mental health problems, their carers or families.I am an
> I.T. volunteer at Contact (http://contactmorpeth.org.uk/) - and Contact won
> an award from the Queen for the project I am continuing. These days Lubuntu
> Linux gets put on the PCs. Many people have been given PCs with Intel
> graphics so having the graphics stack broken is going to affect a lot of
> vulnerable people.

I've run across many Optiplex models over the years, but the GX50 predates
them all. Looking up in Google it appears to be a Pentium III. Most PCs using
those predate Intel onboard graphics, among which my GX200 (but not my GX150
or GX110). If your GX50 has the 810E chipset, the Intel driver has in recent
years had limited functionality and marginal performance in Linux. My GX110
has 810E. I haven't powered it up in over 7 months. It's painfully slow. I
don't remember if X even works in it any more. If you really think a machine
nearly 2 decades old with maximum RAM population of 0.5GB warrants refurb, I
suggest you find and install in it an ATI or NVidia PCI gfxcard. The OS and X
need the shared RAM the 810E video is now using.

The 7600 has 945G video. I have various recent distro installations (among
which Kubuntu 14.04 and above) scattered among various machines using 945G
experiencing none of the trouble your bugs describe, so maybe its problem is
RAM or memory controller. Have you inspected its innards for exploding or
leaky electrolytic capacitors? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague
If it has any large uF (680 or higher) OST brand caps that appear normal they
may nevertheless be bad and are worth checking or replacing if you believe
the machine otherwise worth salvaging.

Nomodeset is a workaround that blocks use of Intel driver which causes use of
a low perfomance, limited function fallback driver that will use only modes
provided by the machine's video BIOS.
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