[Intel-gfx] Wayland / EGL support

Daniel Kasak d.j.kasak.dk at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 16:38:36 PST 2015

Hi all.

Every couple of months, I try out the latest Enlightenment ( from git
), using Wayland and EGL. Using Intel graphics ( I've tried quite a
few, including the latest i5 and i7 integrated chips ), there are some
serious issues that look driver-related. I can now actually *start* a
Wayland / EGL session, which is progress at least. However there are
constant graphical glitches, full-screen flashing, particularly when I
move the mouse, and lockups, kernel oopses, etc, etc. If I switch to
Enlightenment's software renderer, things work remarkably well.

Is anyone testing Wayland support yet? Is it supported? Is there
anything special I should be doing ( environment variables )? Any
minimum kernel / mesa version ( I'm bleeding-edge Gentoo anyway - 4.3
kernel, mesa-11.0.7, wayland-1.9 ).

Thanks :)


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