[Intel-gfx] Why idle_freq is set to RPn and not RPe

Kamble, Sagar A sagar.a.kamble at intel.com
Wed Dec 30 01:21:27 PST 2015

Hi Chris,

With below commit, idle frequency is made RPn (HW Min).
Why are we not keeping it at RPe (Efficient Frequency)?
My understanding was to set Rpe on idle so that when GPU is out of RC6 
it can start operating at efficient frequency.

commit aed242ff7ebb697e4dff912bd4dc7ec7192f7581
Author: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
Date:   Wed Mar 18 09:48:21 2015 +0000

     drm/i915: Relax RPS contraints to allows setting minfreq on idle


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