[Intel-gfx] [RFC PATCH v4 0/4] drm driver for VED in Intel GPU

Sean V Kelley seanvk at posteo.de
Wed Jan 7 16:35:16 PST 2015

drm/ipvr is a new GEM driver for VED (PowerVR's VPU integrated in Intel GPU),
which extends video capability.
A new Kconfig added for building ipvr driver:

  CONFIG_DRM_IPVR: Build option for ipvr module

The driver name "ipvr" means the PowerVR's core wrapped by Intel. The
PowerVR VPUs are also integrated by non-i915 platforms such as GMA500, so we
keep ipvr driver and i915 driver separated and independent to each other. To
achieve this we do the minimum change in i915: i915_ved.c added for setting
up the bridge between VED and i915, kerneldoc also updated.

User mode drm helper "libdrm_ipvr.so" and simple ioctl/execute test is

one test script "drv_module_reload" in i-g-t also updated to support ipvr
loading and unloading. Due to restriction in Linux platform device model, we
have to manually unload ipvr before unloading i915.

Yao Cheng (4):
[1/4] drm/i915: add i915_ved.c to setup bridge for VED
[2/4] drm/ipvr: drm driver for VED
[3/4] libdrm/ipvr: user mode helper for ipvr drm driver
[4/4] i-g-t: tests/drv_module_reload: add ipvr support

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