[Intel-gfx] Weekly regressions report WW41

Andreas Schildbach andreas at schildbach.de
Fri Oct 9 13:03:03 PDT 2015

On 10/09/2015 08:53 PM, jairo.daniel.miramontes.caton at linux.intel.com wrote:

> This week's existing bugzilla regressions, added a bisected column  which means if the Bug
> does have a bisect available.
> BugId        Summary                                              Created on       Bisected
>         <<Regressions found on less than a week.>>
> 92237        Horrible noise (audio) via DisplayPort [regre        10/2/2015        No

This issue actually IS bisected:

commit fdbc3b1f639bb2cbfb32c612b2699e0ba373317d
Author: Jani Nikula <email address hidden>
Date: Tue Nov 12 17:10:13 2013 +0200

    drm/i915/dp: set sink to power down mode on dp disable

FWIW, here is the full bisect log:

$ git bisect log
# bad: [52cd2b0342665668e7d3806d4a0b2ff837651690] UBUNTU: Ubuntu-3.13.0-0.2
# good: [4f57e47bab90529e40d11878ba8b5f429cfa1d95] UBUNTU:
git bisect start 'Ubuntu-3.13.0-0.2' 'Ubuntu-3.12.0-8.16'
# good: [5e01dc7b26d9f24f39abace5da98ccbd6a5ceb52] Linux 3.12
git bisect good 5e01dc7b26d9f24f39abace5da98ccbd6a5ceb52
# good: [5cbb3d216e2041700231bcfc383ee5f8b7fc8b74] Merge branch 'akpm'
(patches from Andrew Morton)
git bisect good 5cbb3d216e2041700231bcfc383ee5f8b7fc8b74
# good: [d8fe4acc88da8fbbe360b6592c9d0abbb85117dc] Merge branch 'akpm'
(patch-bomb from Andrew Morton)
git bisect good d8fe4acc88da8fbbe360b6592c9d0abbb85117dc
# good: [73d75ba99e3bdd627275afd3fe48cc933723084b] Merge tag
'sound-fix-3.13-rc1' of
git bisect good 73d75ba99e3bdd627275afd3fe48cc933723084b
# good: [e6d69a60b77a6ea8d5f9d41765c7571bb8d45531] Merge branch 'next'
of git://git.infradead.org/users/vkoul/slave-dma
git bisect good e6d69a60b77a6ea8d5f9d41765c7571bb8d45531
# good: [d2c2ad54c485e7ebca5c0b7e4a7b2c56103fda38] Merge
git bisect good d2c2ad54c485e7ebca5c0b7e4a7b2c56103fda38
# bad: [26b265cd29dde56bf0901c421eabc7ae815f38c4] Merge
git bisect bad 26b265cd29dde56bf0901c421eabc7ae815f38c4
# bad: [aecde27c4fc4939f7c16ae13645f896438190567] Merge branch
'drm-fixes' of git://people.freedesktop.org/~airlied/linux
git bisect bad aecde27c4fc4939f7c16ae13645f896438190567
# good: [b0e3636f656c98bdeded5aaa78601e3256b18d6d] Merge branch
'for-next' of
git bisect good b0e3636f656c98bdeded5aaa78601e3256b18d6d
# bad: [cf969677945e6e19810d616873617320da002e32] Merge tag
'drm-intel-fixes-2013-11-20' of
git://people.freedesktop.org/~danvet/drm-intel into drm-fixes
git bisect bad cf969677945e6e19810d616873617320da002e32
# good: [7272c9d2286525d4c6bce788243cf2b6f306d15c] drm/radeon: hook up
backlight functions for CI and KV family.
git bisect good 7272c9d2286525d4c6bce788243cf2b6f306d15c
# bad: [7a495cfd9b5f82c40608f26fe523dc9e8533dc14] drm/i915/tv: add
->get_config callback
git bisect bad 7a495cfd9b5f82c40608f26fe523dc9e8533dc14
# bad: [f69e515699d8e9b1c25dcfe1c4c6f435087495d2] i915: Use 120MHz LVDS
SSC clock for gen5/gen6/gen7
git bisect bad f69e515699d8e9b1c25dcfe1c4c6f435087495d2
# bad: [7bd40c16ccb2cb6877dd00b0e66249c171e6fa43] x86/early quirk: use
gen6 stolen detection for VLV
git bisect bad 7bd40c16ccb2cb6877dd00b0e66249c171e6fa43
# bad: [fdbc3b1f639bb2cbfb32c612b2699e0ba373317d] drm/i915/dp: set sink
to power down mode on dp disable
git bisect bad fdbc3b1f639bb2cbfb32c612b2699e0ba373317d
# first bad commit: [fdbc3b1f639bb2cbfb32c612b2699e0ba373317d]
drm/i915/dp: set sink to power down mode on dp disable

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