[Intel-gfx] [BUG] HDMI 12bpc causing occasional flickering and blanking

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Mon Feb 15 22:37:38 UTC 2016

* Ville Syrjälä

> Could you test the following hack while using a 1920x1080 mode with
> 148.5 MHz dotclock, and see if there's any improvement?

I think it might be an improvement, that is, the blanking/flickers
seems to occur less often than it did with 8ed1804, but it is not
completely fixed. I've noticed 5-6 blankings events in the last hour or
so (during most of those events I wasn't even using the computer
actively, it was just sitting there showing a static image of gitk).

Kernel output here:



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