[Intel-gfx] [RFCv2 PATCH 00/14] gvt: Hacking i915 for GVT context requirement

Wang, Zhi A zhi.a.wang at intel.com
Wed Feb 24 09:18:33 UTC 2016

Hi Kevin:
	Now our context switch is covered by context status change notification handler. In the status change handler we will save render registers. As GVT context will be a single submission context we will restore the render registers when the GVT context is scheduled-out by HW.

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> Subject: RE: [RFCv2 PATCH 00/14] gvt: Hacking i915 for GVT context
> requirement
> > From: Wang, Zhi A
> > Sent: Thursday, February 18, 2016 7:42 PM
> >
> > This patchset is used to discuss and finalize the i915 changes
> > required by GVT context. Previously we have discussed about how to
> > hack i915 to meet GVT context requirement, and thanks for the idea and
> comments.
> >
> > In this patchset, mostly it refactors the existing i915 APIs, spliting
> > the hard-coded assumptions from its core logic, keep these assumptions
> > in the high level wrapper and make the core logic much more flexible
> > and config- urable, which is able to be used by GVT context creation and
> submission.
> It would be good to note that this patch series is not the only change required
> for GVT context management. It addresses creation/submission. We also need
> some specific change in context switch time. Do you want to include them
> together in next version to compose a full picture?
> Thanks
> Kevin

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