[Intel-gfx] [PATCH 08/25] drm/i915/fbc: unconditionally update FBC during atomic commits

Maarten Lankhorst maarten.lankhorst at linux.intel.com
Thu Jan 21 05:04:30 PST 2016

Op 19-01-16 om 14:35 schreef Paulo Zanoni:
> We unconditionally disable/update FBC even during the page flip
> IOCTLs, and an unconditional disable/update at every atomic commit
> touching the primary plane shouldn't impact PC state residency
> noticeably. Besides, the code that checks for rotation is a good hint
> that we may be forgetting something else, so let's leave all the
> decisions to intel_fbc.c, making the code much safer.
> Once we have the code to properly make FBC enable/update decisions
> based on atomic states, with proper locking, then we'll be able to
> evaluate whether it will be worth trying to optimize the cases where a
> disable isn't needed.
> Signed-off-by: Paulo Zanoni <paulo.r.zanoni at intel.com>
I would rather have this patch remove those 2 members entirely, but I can work with this for now.

Could nuke at least disable_fbc though, being redundant with update_fbc. :)


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