[Intel-gfx] [PATCH v2] drm/i915: Fix VCS ring selection after uapi decoupling

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Wed Jan 27 06:58:35 PST 2016

On Wed, Jan 27, 2016 at 01:41:09PM +0000, Tvrtko Ursulin wrote:
> From: Tvrtko Ursulin <tvrtko.ursulin at intel.com>
> This got broken in:
>    commit de1add360522c876c25ef2bbbbab1c94bdb509ab
>    Author: Tvrtko Ursulin <tvrtko.ursulin at intel.com>
>    Date:   Fri Jan 15 15:12:50 2016 +0000
>        drm/i915: Decouple execbuf uAPI from internal implementation
> BSD ring flags need to be shifted before they can be considered
> indices into the ring array.
> Reported by Zhipeng Gong.
> v2: Simplify the code. (Chris Wilson)
Testcase: igt/gem_exec_basic # bdw-gt3
> Signed-off-by: Tvrtko Ursulin <tvrtko.ursulin at intel.com>
> Cc: Daniel Vetter <daniel.vetter at ffwll.ch>
> Cc: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>
> Cc: Zhipeng Gong <zhipeng.gong at intel.com>
Reviewed-by: Chris Wilson <chris at chris-wilson.co.uk>

There were a few tests that would have hit this, but nothing existed to
only try and touch the ring so I added gem_exec_basic to exercise the
ring selection.

Chris Wilson, Intel Open Source Technology Centre

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