[Intel-gfx] [maintainer-tools PATCH v2 00/33] dim: function based subcommand handling

Jani Nikula jani.nikula at intel.com
Thu Jan 28 05:26:54 PST 2016

This is v2 of [1], with Daniel's concern regarding aliases
addressed. It's much better now.

Patches 1-11 and 15-31 are mostly just mechanical renames or code
movement. They explode the series so big, but I think they're easier to
look at this way.

The real changes are in patches 12-14 and 32-33.

All in all this should make dim more maintainable. It's getting pretty
big for a shell script.


[1] http://mid.gmane.org/cover.1453818220.git.jani.nikula@intel.com

Jani Nikula (33):
  dim: rename dim_push to dim_push_branch
  dim: rename dim_apply to dim_apply_branch
  dim: rename dim_co to dim_checkout
  dim: rename dim_shell_checkpatch to shell_checkpatch
  dim: rename dim_checkpatch to checkpatch_commit
  dim: rename dim_checkrange to dim_checkpatch
  dim: rename setup_dim to dim_setup
  dim: rename create_workdir to dim_create_workdir
  dim: rename update_nightly to dim_rebuild_nightly
  dim: rename magic_patch to dim_magic_patch
  dim: move dim_pull_request parameter check to the function
  dim: separate handling of aliases
  dim: handle subcommands through functions
  dim: add alias command to list aliases
  dim: abstract dim_nightly_forget
  dim: abstract dim_update_branches
  dim: abstract dim_for_each_workdirs
  dim: abstract dim_push_*
  dim: abstract dim_checkout callers
  dim: abstract dim apply* subcommands
  dim: abstract dim_magic_rebase_resolve
  dim: abstract dim_cat_to_fixup
  dim: abstract dim_tc
  dim: abstract dim_fixes
  dim: abstract dim_cherry_pick
  dim: abstract dim_pull_request_*
  dim: abstract dim_update_next
  dim: abstract dim_tag_next
  dim: abstract dim_{create,remove}_branch
  dim: abstract dim_checker
  dim: abstract dim_help
  dim: show usage instead of the man page on unknown subcommands
  dim: add -h option for usage, imrove output on unknown options

 dim     | 738 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------------------------
 dim.rst |   5 +
 2 files changed, 415 insertions(+), 328 deletions(-)


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