[Intel-gfx] ✓ Fi.CI.BAT: success for Adding CPU mmap support to DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_MMAP_GTT (rev3)

Patchwork patchwork at annarchy.freedesktop.org
Thu Jan 28 08:10:14 PST 2016

== Summary ==

Series 2843v3 Adding CPU mmap support to DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_MMAP_GTT

bdw-nuci7        total:156  pass:147  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:9  
bdw-ultra        total:159  pass:153  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:6  
bsw-nuc-2        total:159  pass:135  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:24 
byt-nuc          total:159  pass:142  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:17 
hsw-brixbox      total:159  pass:152  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:7  
hsw-gt2          total:159  pass:155  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:4  
ilk-hp8440p      total:159  pass:114  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:44 
ivb-t430s        total:159  pass:151  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:8  
skl-i5k-2        total:159  pass:150  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:8  
snb-dellxps      total:159  pass:141  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:18 
snb-x220t        total:159  pass:141  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:17 

Results at /archive/results/CI_IGT_test/Patchwork_1304/

b3f8ad64bc71f6236f05c2e9f4ad49a61745869a drm-intel-nightly: 2016y-01m-28d-10h-26m-23s UTC integration manifest
bd9f3f17bcb78179490f71c763d8555f97ceddef drm/i915: Announce the new DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_MMAP_GTT capabilities
3f784ee758028c10779be6c227b0674a604ab18a drm/i915: Add support for write-combined CPU mapping to DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_MMAP_GTT
4704d553d1a0ff8d69982358975fdbb3666f48f3 drm/i915: Add support for CPU mapping to DRM_IOCTL_I915_GEM_MMAP_GTT
2757c99ee9c686ca0f0f1dbbed0eabf7015adbae drm/i915: Extract code mapping errno to vm fault code
fe46382e262524f25c06500f9725eb483cc5a2f7 drm: Allow drivers setting vm_ops per vma offset node

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