[Intel-gfx] Problems in intel_panel_fitter.1

Jani Nikula jani.nikula at linux.intel.com
Fri Mar 4 08:39:44 UTC 2016

On Mon, 29 Feb 2016, esr at thyrsus.com wrote:
> This is automatically generated email about markup problems in a man
> page for which you appear to be responsible.  If you are not the right
> person or list, please tell me so I can correct my database.
> See http://catb.org/~esr/doclifter/bugs.html for details on how and
> why these patches were generated.  Feel free to email me with any
> questions.  Note: These patches do not change the modification date of
> any manual page.  You may wish to do that by hand.

Inspired by this mail, I completed converting our intel-gpu-tools man
pages to reStructuredText, something that's been on my todo list for
ages. The patches are now upstream.


Jani Nikula, Intel Open Source Technology Center

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