[Intel-gfx] ✗ Fi.CI.BAT: failure for series starting with [1/2] drm/i915: Update VBT fields for child devices

Patchwork patchwork at emeril.freedesktop.org
Fri Mar 11 13:10:37 UTC 2016

== Series Details ==

Series: series starting with [1/2] drm/i915: Update VBT fields for child devices
URL   : https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/4357/
State : failure

== Summary ==

  CC      drivers/input/mouse/focaltech.o
  CC      net/ipv6/exthdrs_offload.o
  CC      drivers/input/mouse/alps.o
  LD      drivers/input/serio/built-in.o
  CC      net/ipv6/inet6_hashtables.o
  CC      net/ipv6/mcast_snoop.o
  LD      net/ipv6/ipv6.o
  CC      drivers/input/mouse/elantech.o
  CC      net/xfrm/xfrm_algo.o
  CC      drivers/input/mouse/logips2pp.o
  CC      net/xfrm/xfrm_user.o
  CC      drivers/input/mouse/lifebook.o
  CC      drivers/input/mouse/trackpoint.o
  CC      drivers/input/mouse/cypress_ps2.o
  CC [M]  drivers/input/mouse/synaptics_usb.o
  LD      drivers/input/keyboard/built-in.o
  LD      net/ipv4/built-in.o
  LD      drivers/input/input-core.o
  LD      drivers/hid/usbhid/usbhid.o
  LD      drivers/hid/usbhid/built-in.o
  LD      drivers/hid/built-in.o
  LD      net/ipv6/built-in.o
  LD      drivers/input/mouse/psmouse.o
  LD      drivers/input/mouse/built-in.o
  LD      drivers/input/built-in.o
Makefile:950: recipe for target 'drivers' failed
make: *** [drivers] Error 2
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
  LD      net/xfrm/built-in.o
  LD      net/built-in.o

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