[Intel-gfx] ✗ Fi.CI.BAT: failure for drm/i915: Split driver init step to phases (rev4)

Patchwork patchwork at emeril.freedesktop.org
Mon Mar 14 11:33:23 UTC 2016

== Series Details ==

Series: drm/i915: Split driver init step to phases (rev4)
URL   : https://patchwork.freedesktop.org/series/4374/
State : failure

== Summary ==

Series 4374v4 drm/i915: Split driver init step to phases

Test drv_hangman:
        Subgroup error-state-basic:
                pass       -> INCOMPLETE (snb-dellxps)
Test gem_exec_basic:
        Subgroup readonly-render:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)
Test gem_mmap_gtt:
        Subgroup basic-write-no-prefault:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)
Test gem_ringfill:
        Subgroup basic-default-s3:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (bsw-nuc-2)
                incomplete -> DMESG-WARN (ilk-hp8440p)
Test gem_tiled_pread_basic:
                incomplete -> PASS       (byt-nuc)
Test kms_addfb_basic:
        Subgroup addfb25-yf-tiled:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)
        Subgroup bad-pitch-1024:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)
        Subgroup size-max:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)
        Subgroup small-bo:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)
        Subgroup unused-offsets:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)
Test kms_flip:
        Subgroup basic-flip-vs-dpms:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (bdw-ultra)
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (ilk-hp8440p) UNSTABLE
        Subgroup basic-flip-vs-modeset:
                incomplete -> PASS       (bsw-nuc-2)
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (hsw-brixbox)
        Subgroup basic-plain-flip:
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (hsw-brixbox)
Test kms_force_connector_basic:
        Subgroup force-connector-state:
                pass       -> SKIP       (ivb-t430s)
Test kms_pipe_crc_basic:
        Subgroup read-crc-pipe-c-frame-sequence:
                pass       -> DMESG-WARN (bdw-ultra)
        Subgroup suspend-read-crc-pipe-a:
                incomplete -> PASS       (hsw-gt2)
Test pm_rpm:
        Subgroup basic-pci-d3-state:
                dmesg-warn -> PASS       (bsw-nuc-2)
Test prime_self_import:
        Subgroup basic-llseek-size:
                incomplete -> PASS       (ilk-hp8440p)

bdw-nuci7        total:194  pass:182  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:12 
bdw-ultra        total:194  pass:172  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:21 
bsw-nuc-2        total:194  pass:157  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:37 
byt-nuc          total:194  pass:154  dwarn:4   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:35 
hsw-brixbox      total:194  pass:170  dwarn:2   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:22 
hsw-gt2          total:194  pass:177  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:17 
ilk-hp8440p      total:194  pass:125  dwarn:5   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:63 
ivb-t430s        total:194  pass:168  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:26 
skl-i5k-2        total:194  pass:171  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:23 
skl-i7k-2        total:194  pass:171  dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:23 
snb-dellxps      total:27   pass:20   dwarn:0   dfail:0   fail:0   skip:6  
snb-x220t        total:194  pass:159  dwarn:1   dfail:0   fail:1   skip:33 

Results at /archive/results/CI_IGT_test/Patchwork_1591/

3e5ecc8c5ff80cb1fb635ce1cf16b7cd4cfb1979 drm-intel-nightly: 2016y-03m-14d-09h-06m-00s UTC integration manifest
9b7c99c102fcc948ed5e593f4f0474629d039ea9 drm/i915: Split out load time interface registration
677f47e901d2914a1ebb84d2f1254a6dc05e3ff9 drm/i915: Split out load time HW initialization
4bd8f04f778f8e4d0addcdd6e691c45625e3561a drm/i915: Split out load time MMIO initialization
9ba20b3995619a371f3c81e2a4cd0ba65ad81425 drm/i915: Split out load time early initialization
58739ffb77f1ab2742cee9074ffcfbb90699d66b drm/i915: Move unload time opregion unregistration earlier
83e35d8bbb77e3e604477ee35c742adcbbe37a3d drm/i915: Move unload time GTT, MSI IRQ cleanup later
d89be579d478859f52b5e03807d39b8258eaeca6 drm/i915: Move unload time display power domain uninit later
a9178ed2ecd73c994444a2aad7b3fe675c469e3c drm/i915: Move load time audio component registration earlier
4acc396227838b4ae9740e9e15d992cab2b46d8b drm/i915: Move load time shrinker registration later
d6e96bba9320ebfd684aab032a68854b15e97024 drm/i915: Move load time runtime PM get later
8eff8bdd26eccbed7bc90bdee8d83bcd749601e0 drm/i915: Move load time gem_load_init earlier
9d3a1bfcab8df0eab58d319c712eec5021730915 drm/i915: Move load time runtime device info init earlier
e9a0b7bf2667192cd0bbe43db3a723279ebb00d9 drm/i915: Move load time init of clock gating hooks earlier
e666353fb978f8c1db531264d85a9bce5a768161 drm/i915: Move load time init of display/audio hooks earlier
c06d4cfa3680256ee8cd1d487206482d469da646 drm/i915: Move load time IRQ SW init earlier
be54dcc7a88765fd8518a62f739a7404766736be drm/i915: Move load time PCH detect, DPIO, power domain SW init earlier
06325f6fc613e924cab65916c8a479d9d6a8d962 Fix MCHBAR cleanup on the driver init error path

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