[Intel-gfx] [PATCH 4/6] drm/i915: Allow mmio updates on all platforms.

Ville Syrjälä ville.syrjala at linux.intel.com
Thu Mar 24 15:32:12 UTC 2016

On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 04:19:13PM +0100, Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
> Op 24-03-16 om 15:48 schreef Ville Syrjälä:
> > On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 03:42:28PM +0100, Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
> >> Op 24-03-16 om 15:26 schreef Ville Syrjälä:
> >>> On Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 09:35:04AM +0100, Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
> >>>> Op 23-03-16 om 16:07 schreef Ville Syrjälä:
> >>>>> On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 02:24:30PM +0100, Maarten Lankhorst wrote:
> >>>>>> Rename intel_unpin_work to intel_flip_work and use it for mmio flips
> >>>>>> and unpinning. Use flip_queued_req to hold the wait request in the
> >>>>>> mmio case and allow the vblank interrupt to complete mmio work to
> >>>>>> have mmio flips run correctly on g4 and earlier.
> >>>>> Before you actually go and trust drm_vblank_count() you should make it
> >>>>> race free.
> >>>> How about adding the below to the patch?
> >>> You can't just mix the hw and sw counter. Using the hw counter would be
> >>> neat because it doesn't require so much work to be race-free, but that
> >>> leaves out gen2 which I don't like. My atomic code used the hw counter
> >>> though, but I had plans to fall back to the sw counter on gen2
> >>> eventually.
> >>>
> >> So I dug in a little bit more..
> >>
> >> MMIO updates don't require accurate vblank count for anything, so even if it was completely removed it would work.
> > Yes they do if you want to use the vblank irq for completing them.
> >
> Why? We only need a vblank irq, after the mmio updates are done we set an atomic that indicates mmio is done, which is checked in the vblank irq.

You can race with the irq handler, especially on gen2/3 where the vblank
irq is actually the frame start irq that is delayed by at least ~1
scanline. So you absolutely need to know on which frame actually
submitted the flip so as not to complete it prematurely.

Ville Syrjälä
Intel OTC

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