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Tony Whittam tony.whittam at rapttouch.com
Mon Jan 16 16:28:46 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

I don't know if this is too specialised for this list. Anyway, no harm in
asking the question :-)

Build: Yocto from the Apollo Lake BSP release *gold, *
Hardware: Oxbow Hill Rev B CRB with Intel Atom E3950 and 4GB DDR3 RAM (one
Build: core-image-sato-sdk
Installed on the onboard eMMC.
OpenCL: installed user space drivers from SRB4 https://software.intel.

I'm currently evaluating the Apollo Lake platform as a candidate to run our
embedded application. We already have this application running on less
powerful ARM based Linux systems with Mali GPU using OpenCL 1.2. We're now
evaluating the E3950 as a faster alternative. To evaluate the application I
need OpenCL 1.2 or later.

To verify the OpenCL installation I have built and run the Intel demo apps:
CapsBasic and Bitonic Sort. CapsBasic sees two devices: CPU and GPU and
Bitonic sort can run its kernels correctly on both the CPU and the GPU.

*The issue*
Simply put, the application has

   - thread 1 (feeder): has a loop that feeds data into OpenCL and queues
   - thread 2 (consumer): waits for results and reads output data.
   - an OpenCL Host command queue with out-of-order execution enabled

When I run my app and select the GPU OpenCL device, the feeder thread *stalls
inside a blocking call to clEnqueueMapBuffer(). *At this point only one
thing has been queued on the command queue: a buffer unmap command for a
different buffer. This unmap is waiting for an OpenCL event that will
indicate data ready to be processed.

In contrast, when I run my app and select the *CPU OpenCL *device, it works

Does anyone have any ideas on

   1. what might be causing this problem running with the GPU?
   2. how to debug this on the Yocto platform?

Best regards,


Tony Whittam
Rapt Touch

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