[Intel-gfx] [PATCH i-g-t] lib/gem_test_engine: Add no device reopen variant

Chris Wilson chris at chris-wilson.co.uk
Tue May 12 16:11:17 UTC 2020

Quoting Janusz Krzysztofik (2020-05-12 15:07:36)
> Some tests may need to take care of closing all device file descriptors
> even on subtest failure.  For example, if a test would like to
> effectively unload the driver module after a subtest failure, that
> wouldn't be possible if any device file descriptors were kept open.
> That may happen if the subtest wants to use gem_test_engine() helper as
> it reopens the device for its internal use and may certainly leave it
> open on failure.

I'm not completely satisfied with gem_test_engine(). The 'test' is
always better defined by the callers, as what is it testing exactly?

We can kill the i915_pm_rpm waste of time, which leaves gem_eio and that
is also dubious.

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