[Intel-gfx] [PATCH 1/5] drm/i915/guc: Delete GuC code unused in future patches

Daniele Ceraolo Spurio daniele.ceraolospurio at intel.com
Wed Jan 6 02:28:46 UTC 2021

On 1/5/2021 4:55 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
> Quoting Daniele Ceraolo Spurio (2021-01-05 23:19:43)
>> From: Matthew Brost <matthew.brost at intel.com>
>> Delete GuC code unused in future patches that rewrite the GuC interface
>> to work with the new firmware. Most of the code deleted relates to
>> workqueues or execlist port.
> Should we not be complaining if i915.enable_guc=1 is set during this
> time? We may already be, if so please mention it so that we know that
> nobody can accidentally execute this code.
> -Chris

We already do, I'll add a note in the commit message.


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