[Intel-gfx] [PATCH] drm/i915/guc: Fix flag query helper function to not modify state

John.C.Harrison at Intel.com John.C.Harrison at Intel.com
Thu Feb 17 21:29:42 UTC 2022

From: John Harrison <John.C.Harrison at Intel.com>

A flag query helper was actually writing to the flags word rather than
just reading. Fix that. Also update the function's comment as it was
out of date.

NB: No need for a 'Fixes' tag. The test was only ever used inside a
BUG_ON during context registration. Rather than asserting that the
condition was true, it was making the condition true. So, in theory,
there was no consequence because we should never have hit a BUG_ON
anyway. Which means the write should always have been a no-op.

Signed-off-by: John Harrison <John.C.Harrison at Intel.com>
 drivers/gpu/drm/i915/gt/uc/intel_guc_submission.c | 7 ++-----
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/gt/uc/intel_guc_submission.c b/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/gt/uc/intel_guc_submission.c
index b3a429a92c0d..d9f4218f5ef4 100644
--- a/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/gt/uc/intel_guc_submission.c
+++ b/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/gt/uc/intel_guc_submission.c
@@ -174,11 +174,8 @@ static inline void init_sched_state(struct intel_context *ce)
 static bool sched_state_is_init(struct intel_context *ce)
-	/*
-	 * XXX: Kernel contexts can have SCHED_STATE_NO_LOCK_REGISTERED after
-	 * suspend.
-	 */
-	return !(ce->guc_state.sched_state &=
+	/* Kernel contexts can have SCHED_STATE_REGISTERED after suspend. */
+	return !(ce->guc_state.sched_state &

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