[kmscon-devel] [ANNOUNCE] libtsm-3 release

David Herrmann dh.herrmann at gmail.com
Tue Oct 29 09:08:28 CET 2013

libtsm-3 is now available as a stand-alone library. It has been
extracted from the kmscon repository, cleaned up and is now
independent of kmscon. This is the first release of libtsm. The
initial version has been set to 3 to avoid linking problems with
previous embedded libtsm binaries.


TSM is a terminal-emulator state machine. It emulates a mixture of DEC
terminals from VT102 up to VT520. It tries to be as compatible with
xterm as possible, but may lack some rather uncommon features not
found elsewhere.
TSM itself does *not* provide any window-management,
font/glyph-handling or rendering functions. It only provides the
emulation state-machine and cell management. This makes it independent
of widget-libraries (like GTK+ or Qt) and window-systems (like X11 or
Wayland). It is suitable for a range of use-cases. It can serve as
underlying engine for terminal-emulators, but also for
TTY-screen-capture programs or other applications dealing with
terminal escape sequences.

TSM website:

Release tarballs:

Git repository:

git tag: libtsm-3
tarball: http://freedesktop.org/software/kmscon/releases/libtsm-3.tar.xz

MD5:     c1b297a69d11a72f207ec35ae5ce7d69
SHA1:    b74d92a65c89970ca70ab3da11e49e6e1fb089e6
SHA256:  114115d84a2bc1802683871ea2d70a16ddeec8d2f8cde89ebd2046d775e6cf07

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