[LDTP-Dev] Table.c / Tree_table.c - API comparision

jpremkumar jpremkumar at novell.com
Mon Sep 26 02:56:15 PDT 2005

Hi All,

I have done some investigation on the Table and Tree Table related APIs
that pyldtp provides. This investigation revealed that though Table and
Tree table are two different types of widgets, they are accessed using
the same set of Accessibility interface (like Accessible_getTable,
Accessible_getNRows etc.,). And the component functions are also
expected to behave in the same manner for both the widgets. So I think
we can move component functions in 'table.c' and 'tree_table.c' to a
single file say 'table.c'. This will relieve us from the pain of
maintaining same code in two different places. Below, I have provided
the consolidated list of APIs which I got by comparing the current set
of APIs provided by 'table.c' and 'tree-table.c'. 

* selectrow 
* selectrowindex 
* selectrowpartialmatch 
* getrowindex 
* getrowcount
* setcellvalue
* getcellvalue 
* checkrow 
* uncheckrow
* verifycheckrow
* verifyuncheckrow
* verifycellvalue
* verifypartialcellvalue
* doesrowexist 

Not sure about on what object the following actions to be taken, should
they be on rows or on cells more specifically
* doubleclick
* rightclick
* leftclick 

* activatetablerow - I am not sure if it is necessary as selectrow is
already there. 

If you feel that this change may result in any issue please let me know.
If I am missing anything please correct me. Please give your valuable
comments so that I can carry out the proposed change. 

Premkumar J

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