[LDTP-Dev] LDTP 0.4.0 Released!!

J Premkumar jpremkumar at novell.com
Wed Mar 29 05:29:03 PST 2006

Issue VII - 29 March 2006

Welcome to the seventh issue of LDTP Newsletter! We are now celebrating
our 0.4.0 release. This release features
exhaustive list of bug fixes. LDTP is now stable than ever
before.Useful references have been included at the end of this
article for those who wish to hack/use LDTP.

About LDTP
Linux Desktop Testing Project is aimed at producing high quality test
automation framework and cutting-edge tools
that can be used to test Linux Desktop and improve it. It uses the
"Accessibility" libraries to poke through the application's
user interface. Thanks to the Accessibility team. LDTP automation
framework helps in automatically executing test cases
for verifying the functionality of the software being tested.

This release includes....

* Refined object search from the appmap table
* Data XML are now transmitted and received with in CDATA
* Reimplemented getwindowlist, getobjectlist,
* Memory leak fixed - Freed memory resources when client disconnects

And now take a deep breath and go through the exhaustive list of bug
fixes which makes this version of LDTP the most stable of the lot.
A special thanks to Patrick from Sun Microsystems who has actively
hacked LDTP and helped us identify and resolve many issues.

       * client-handler.c (add_item_to_list): A common function to
        generate XML object list.
        * client-handler.c (send_response):  If data sent in chunks
        server to client, then the peek code in client was not able to
        continue reading the next chunk as the recv with peek option
        always returns the first chunk.
        * client-handler.c (handle_request): Implemented
        getobjectlist, getobjectinfo, getobjectproperty. Modified
        initappmap to get the file name from gslist only once. Memory
        fixed - Freed memory resources when client disconnects.
        * ldtp.c (ldtp_print): Indentation
        * ldtp-appmap.c (remove_appmap_entries): Memory leak fixed -
        memory resources when client disconnects.
        * ldtp-appmap.c (search_obj_after_stripping_space): Added new
        function to search for an object after stripping spaces.
        * ldtp-appmap.c (add_child_attributes): Modified it as static
        * ldtp-appmap.c (ldtp_appmap_free): If appmap is not NULL then
        only traverse the hash table. To avoid a critical warning.
        * ldtp-appmap.c (search_label_based): Modified the logic to
        for label or label_by and also, if under score is in value,
        remove it and then look for the match.
        * ldtp-command.c (ldtp_command_init_command_table): Added
        getwindowlist, getobjectlist, getobjectinfo, getobjectproperty
        commands to the list of commands.
        * ldtp-error.c (ldtp_error_get_error_message): Added new error
        * ldtp-gui.c (ldtp_gui_get_gui_handle): If appmap is not
        initialized, then try to initialize it by updating the window
        * ldtp-gui.c (update_cur_window_appmap_handle): Checked for
        argument NULL to avoid crash.
        * ldtp-logger.c (ldtp_log): vprintf also will be printed iff
        LDTP_DEBUG option is enabled.
        * ldtp-request.c (ldtp_request_fill_request): When XML packet
        NULL don't process further, which avoids a crash.
        * ldtp-utils.c (escape_character): Modified function name
        escape_under_score to escape_character and also added one
        parameter to make this function a generic one. Check if
        is not NULL then continue else return immediately.
        * remap.c (get_keybinding, filter_appmap_data,
        add_appmap_data): Checked for NULL arguments to avoid crash.
        * remap.c (accessible_object_handle): Avoided memory
        as the same data is allocated multiple times.

LDTP 0.4.0 is available is rpm package. Thanks to Damien Carbery and
Dave Lin of
Sun Microsystems for creating LDTP packages for solaris.

LDTP makes news
An article has been published in the German journal
"Software-Wydawnictwo Sp. z o.o" about LDTP.
If your in Germany, dont let this oppurtunity slip away. Grab a copy
and check out the simple article
which covers the length and breadth of LDTP.


You can download the latest version of LDTP from

LDTP is available as rpm package. LDTP is also available as deb package
for Debian and Ubuntu distributions. Thanks to Casanova
(prashmohan at gmail.com) for the providing the same.

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