[ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.4.0 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Mon May 28 23:39:09 PDT 2012


The major changes in this release include:

* Autoconfiscation and switch to build time detections.
* Add a basic unit test suite.
* New functions: closefrom(3), expand_number(3) and inline endian
  encoding/decoding functions.
* New headers: <bsd/bitstring.h>.
* New man pages: setproctitle(3), getprogname(3), setprogname(3), tree(3),
  queue(3), bitstring(3)
* Remove deprecated headers: <bsd/cdefs.h>, <bsd/inet.h>, <bsd/ip_icmp.h>,
  <bsd/queue.h>, <bsd/random.h>, <libutil.h>, <nlist.h> and <vis.h>.
* Remove deprecated compatibility includes and warnings in headers.
* Fix header protections when using overlay inclusions.
* Add Solaris getexecname() support for getprogname().
* Use __progname if available in progname module.

Git tag: 0.4.0

Source tarball:

GPG signature:

Checksums (MD5 and SHA1):
  e61dee73c9e5bd5e6e6f281ac8fae325  libbsd-0.4.0.tar.gz
  87290f6ba92f773a3bfd7221f6ab561cbf88eba6  libbsd-0.4.0.tar.gz

Changes since 0.3.0:

Guillem Jover (39):
      Constify bsd_getopt(3) arguments
      Add missing semicolon to bsd_getopt() declaration
      build: Do not add -Iinclude/ to MK_CPPFLAGS
      build: Use -isystem instead of -I
      Fix typos in source comments
      Rename version script from Versions to libbsd.map
      Move man pages to man/
      Move .pc and .map files to src/
      build: Switch to autotools
      build: Set -Wno-unused-parameter to default CFLAGS
      build: Include <config.h> through -include for all source files
      build: Do not define already defined _GNU_SOURCE
      build: Add a test suite infrastructure
      test: Add new headers unit test
      Use getexecname() if available for getprogname()
      Use system __progname variable in progname module if available
      Base errc() and warnc() on vwarnc() and verrc() respectively
      Add new closefrom() function
      Remove deprecated headers
      Remove deprecated compatibility includes in headers
      Remove bogus deprecation warning from <getopt.h>
      Move overlay inclusions outside of header protection
      test: Add new overlay unit test
      Base fgetln() implementation on getline presence instead of glibc
      Base fpurge() implementation on __fpurge presence instead of glibc
      Base getprogname() on program_invocation_short_name presence instead of glibc
      test: Add a unit test for endian encoder/decoder
      Add <bitstring.h> for compatibility with NetBSD and OpenBSD
      Add new man page for setproctitle(3)
      Add new man pages for getprogname(3) and setprogname(3)
      Add new man pages for bitstring(3) and queue(3)
      Remove UC Berkeley advertising clause
      Add new man page for tree(3)
      Clarify that the 4-clause BSD licenses are only for man pages
      Add email address to my name
      Do not quote man page titles
      Move mdX.3 man page to section 3bsd
      Use implicit <md5.h> from overlay instead explicit <bsd/md5.h>
      Release libbsd 0.4.0

Robert Millan (2):
      Add new expand_number() function
      Add inline endian encoding/decoding functions

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