Question regarding libbsd mailing list , source repo and spin requests.

Guillem Jover guillem at
Sat Dec 28 01:46:46 PST 2013


On Wed, 2013-12-11 at 12:21:28 +0530, amit kumar gupta wrote:
> This is just a friendly reminder that I'm waiting for feedback. Can
> you let me know when you'll be able to look at it for me? Thanks!

Sorry, this was pending in the approval queue, which I just checked

> On Thursday 21 November 2013 04:35 PM, amit kumar gupta wrote:
> >We are in the process of adding support for new arch (ppc64le) and
> >as part of that we wanted to send patches for config.guess/sub and
> >configure as appropriate.
> >libbsd could not be built on ppc64le because it had an outdated
> >libtool.m4/configure/config.guess. Since your pkg uses libtool and
> >the latest tarball of your pkg didn't build on ppc64le due to
> >outdated libtool present on your system. We wanted to request you
> >to upgrade your libtool to the alpha release of libtool which has
> >all the bits and pieces needed for ppc64le support.
> >
> >In that context, I wanted to confirm the below
> >
> >1) Should we send patches to this mailing list or there is some
> >other mailing list ?

Those are autogenerated files, so in theory there's nothing to patch
in the git repository.

> >2)  New libtool alpha release which supports ppc64le arch is
> >available, you may  pick up the alpha release from either of the
> >below :
> >
> > (1.6MB)
> >
> > (920KB)
> >
> >It would be great if you can install this new libtool which
> >supports ppc64le,

I'd rather use an updated official Debian package, I'll poke the
Debian maintainer about the already reported bug.

> […] and spin the pkg and let us know the new tar
> >availability. We can test it on ppc64le architecture for you.
> >Please let me know if you are planning to release or spin newer version.

Yes, I was planning to release a new version, but will check that
there's the underlaying ppc64le support first.


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