[ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.8.3 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Sat Apr 23 08:36:08 UTC 2016


This release fixes several portability issues and a memory leak, adds a
test case for MD5, and small fixes to the docs.

Git tag: 0.8.3

Source tarball:

GPG signature:

Checksums (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256):
  e935c1bb6cc98a4a43cb1da22795493a  libbsd-0.8.3.tar.xz
  39fd9f427a202568f35622b754b547e1607419da  libbsd-0.8.3.tar.xz
  934b634f4dfd865b6482650b8f522c70ae65c463529de8be907b53c89c3a34a8  libbsd-0.8.3.tar.xz

Changes since 0.8.2:

Guillem Jover (7):
      Fix unportable sizeof() usage
      Fix file descriptor leak in HASHFileChunk helper
      Switch URLs from http or git to https
      build: Support clock_gettime() provided in librt
      man: Fix ungrammatical construct
      test: Add a unit test for md5
      Release libbsd 0.8.3

Szabolcs Nagy (1):
      Add missing <fcntl.h> includes

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