[RFC v4] system_data_types.7: Document sigval, ssize_t, suseconds_t, time_t, timer_t, timespec & timeval

Andries E. Brouwer Andries.Brouwer at cwi.nl
Wed Sep 16 10:06:49 UTC 2020

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 10:03:13AM +0200, Michael Kerrisk (man-pages) wrote:
> [CC += AEB]
>> Michael Kerrisk (man-pages) dixit:
>>>> +.\" Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this
>>>> +.\" manual provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are
>>>> +.\" preserved on all copies.
>>>> +.\"
>>>> +.\" Permission is granted to copy and distribute modified versions of this
>>>> +.\" manual under the conditions for verbatim copying, provided that the
>>>> +.\" entire resulting derived work is distributed under the terms of a
>>>> +.\" permission notice identical to this one.
>>>> +.\"
>>>> +.\" Since the Linux kernel and libraries are constantly changing, this
>>>> +.\" manual page may be incorrect or out-of-date.  The author(s) assume no
>>>> +.\" responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from
>>>> +.\" the use of the information contained herein.  The author(s) may not
>>>> +.\" have taken the same level of care in the production of this manual,
>>>> +.\" which is licensed free of charge, as they might when working
>>>> +.\" professionally.
>>>> +.\"
>>>> +.\" Formatted or processed versions of this manual, if unaccompanied by
>>>> +.\" the source, must acknowledge the copyright and authors of this work.
>>>> +.\" %%%LICENSE_END
>> I severely object.
> The "verbatim" license has been the most widely used license in
> manual pages, almost since the inception of the project 27 years
> ago. (Currently more than half of the pages carry this license.)
> I don't know the origin of the license (perhaps AEB does),

Digging through old sources reveals:

I started maintaing man-pages in 1995.
My first release was man-pages-1.6.
That release contained 245 man pages with the above license.

The first release that had the above license was man-pages-1.4,
released Sep 1994 by Rik Faith.
It contained 234 man pages with the above license.
man-pages-1.4.Announce describes that there are now
238 pages with "verbatim copying" and
41 pages with "GNU General Public License".

Earlier, man-pages-1.3 (released Jun 1994) by Rik Faith had
messy copyright statements or nothing at all, and Rik Faith made
for 1.4 a serious attempt at providing each page with a proper license.

So, this text came from Rik Faith.
It mentions "this manual page", so was probably written
especially for this manpage collection.
You might ask him for further details.


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