[ANNOUNCE] libmd 1.0.2 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Sat Jan 2 16:48:31 UTC 2021


This fixes some build and portability issues related to weak symbol
aliases and Windows systems (completed in release 1.0.3).

As usual the tarballs can be found both at Hadrons.Org and FreeDesktop.Org.

Git tag: 1.0.2

Source tarball:

GPG signature:

Checksums (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256):
  65fc1a906a4f20443a6507e72001f735  libmd-1.0.2.tar.xz
  5103fefc6a56565a69e75f12da178cecc2df7254  libmd-1.0.2.tar.xz
  dc66b8278f82e7e1bf774fbd4bc83a0348e8f27afa185b2c2779cfcb3da25013  libmd-1.0.2.tar.xz

Changes since 1.0.1:

Guillem Jover (6):
      Import local-link header from libbsd
      Switch SHA2 symbols from weak to strong aliases
      build: Move local-link.h from libmd_la_helper_sources to libmd_la_SOURCES
      build: Only depend on libmd.sym when using it
      Remove duplicate Files entries from COPYING
      Release libmd 1.0.2

Michael Haubenwallner (2):
      build: Use <unistd.h> only if available
      Remove unused weak symbol declarations for MD2 functions

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