[Libburn] iso bug fixes

Todd Kulesza todd at dropline.net
Mon May 3 03:42:47 EST 2004

The attached patch fixes some bugs in the ISO image generation.  It also
includes a ChangeLog explaining the changes; could this be added to CVS
so that we can easily track changes to the tree?

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2004-05-01  Todd Kulesza  <todd at dropline.net>

	* libisofs/tree.c:
	- Declared get_iso_name_* methods static since they are not public.
	- Append ";1" to the ISO names of files to conform to the ISO9660 spec.
	- Replace dual strlen calls in get_iso_name_1() with a single call which
	  stores the length.
	* libisofs/writer.c:
	- Fix the logical block numbers and sector incrementing when writing
	  the file section of an image.  This fixes an infinite loop which
	  could occur when an empty file was included in the list of files to
	  write to the image.
	* ChangeLog:
	- Begin to keep a ChangeLog.

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