[Libburn] Reading procedure

Steven Van Impe steven.vanimpe at telenet.be
Mon Nov 8 04:26:37 PST 2004

One big problem I see is that there is no Joliet support in libisofs.
If you know anything about that, I think it would be wise to hack on
that.  What's the point of burning if you can't burn a good format? ;)

Well, I've been gathering information that I think I'll need to (or should) know to implement Joliet.
Here's what I have so far:

ECMA-130 2nd Edition (~Yellow Book)
ECMA-119 2nd Edition (~ISO-9660)
IEEE-P1281 v1.12 ("System Use Sharing Protocol")
IEEE-P1282 v1.12 ("Rock Ridge Interchange Protocol")

ECMA-006 6th Edition ("7-bit Codec Character Set")
ECMA-035 6th Edition ("Character Code Structure and Extension Techniques" ~ISO-2022)
Unicode (Unicode.org should have all (or more than) I need, right ?)
Joliet Specification

Should that do it, or did I miss anything ?



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