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Bernie Thompson bernie at berniethompson.com
Sat May 16 21:53:50 PDT 2009

Thanks, everyone, for your interest in libdlo.

We’re going to be making enhancements over time to the library, as new
DisplayLink products are released.   Some on the list include:

·         More flexible mode setting, to replace the current fixed tables

·         Support for a compression method that didn’t make it originally.
Note: this addition won’t affect the libdlo.h API.

·         Ability to handle more special cases on a per USB product ID (PID)
basis.  The library will work at a basic level with all products, but there
can be details in certain cases (e.g. USB composite configurations) where
some per-PID functionality would be helpful.

But, the library as it is today is ready for the most important work to
start – drivers and applications to begin making use of it, so users can
start to do interesting and useful things with these devices on Linux and
other non-Windows platforms.  There’s certainly potential for some cool
stand-alone applications which can use a USB side display.  Please let the
list here know if you’ve seen, started, or released something interesting.

The biggest challenge, though, is on the X Server side.  The prime use case
on Windows of DisplayLink products is connecting two or more extra big
displays via USB to extend the desktop.  In discussions, a few different
approaches have come up for getting to the best possible X Server support.
Keith in particular has given this some thought, and may want to weigh in.
But in general -- what ideas for X beyond the obvious?

And if you’re looking for some inexpensive DisplayLink hardware to play
with, and are buying before May 21 in the US, Frys is running a $20 special
on an adapter, with mail in rebate:
http://shop1.frys.com/product/5668991libdlo is compatible with all
existing DisplayLink USB hardware out here,
including this one.

Thanks again,

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