[Libdlo] Graphics issues with gnome 2.16

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Wed Nov 25 01:58:26 PST 2009

Alexander Todorov wrote:
> Bernie Thompson wrote:
>> Hi Alexander,
>> http://lists.freedesktop.org/archives/libdlo/2009-August/000306.html
> Hi Bernie,
> Looks like the same issue.
>> May be what you're looking for.  Here's it as a 4 line script.  Add
>> these lines into /etc/gdm/Init/Default, right after the definition of
>> gdmwhich()
>> XRANDR=`gdmwhich xrandr`
>> if [ "x$XRANDR" != "x" ]; then
>>   $XRANDR -o 0
>> fi
> Thanks for the hint but unfortunately this didn't have any effect. I've added
> redirection to the output in a log file to detect any errors - nothing. Another
> echo shows that xrandr command is executed though.

I did some more testing by:
1) Start Xorg without gdmgreeter
2) export DISPLAY=:2
3) start metacity and gcalctool

Upon resize of the calculator I got this warning on the console:

Window manager warning: Treating resize request of legacy application 0x200003
(Calculator) as a fullscreen request

Not sure if that's causing the resize and menus to no work. I also tried to
start Xorg with -xinerama to disable it, but my computer thinks it's enabled.
There's a bug somewhere, not sure though.


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