[Libdlo] CPU usage

Ben Hardill b.hardill at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 10:18:54 PDT 2009


Yep, just retested and the cpu usage ramps up straight away when I start 
Xorg and before everything else.

There is nothing obvious in the log files, but I do get the following 
written out to stderr by the process:

(EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed (8)
(EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed (8)
(EE) config/hal: NewInputDeviceRequest failed (8)

Ben Hardill

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Date: 	Wed, 14 Oct 2009 16:20:21 +0100
From: 	Ben Hardill <b.hardill at gmail.com>
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>  Are you seeing different CPU behavior than that?

This is a constant CPU burn with a 800x480 display, even with no
(visible) changes to the images being displayed.

I'm booted to Windows at the moment, but I'll check to see if the CPU
load is always there or only after I start the window manager and or
fennec. I'm 90% sure it's there from the start.


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