[Libdlo] Can only get console input working

Brill Pappin brill at pappin.ca
Wed Oct 21 07:21:22 PDT 2009

I have a mimo UM-720S. Its a DisplayLink chips with a touch screen.

I have one question and a request for help.

1) Dose anyone know if I can I use the touchscreen input, assuming I  
can get the monitor displaying graphics.

2)  I spent some time yesterday reading the wiki documentation and  
following through the HowTo page. I managed to get the green screen,  
and get console access on the screen, so that much is working. I can't  
however get the screen to display the graphical desktop (I'm using the  
Ubuntu netbook build).

Can anyone point me at some better documentation and/or give me a hand  
trying to get the graphical screen going?
My skill level is essentially "user" but I can at least follow  
instructions and build the driver :) I suspect that the part I'm  
having trouble with is the xorg config, but I can't be sure.

- Brill Pappin

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