[Libdlo] QWT Screen Update Problem

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Mon Feb 21 09:41:00 PST 2011

На 21.02.2011 19:13, Chris Pike написа:
>> Hello Chris,
>> are you using X server or trying to write to the frame buffer
> directly?
> I'm trying to write to the frame buffer directly (actually via QWS).

I don't have experience with Qt but found this in udlfb.c:

  * dlfb_write is triggered by usermode clients who write to filesystem
  * e.g. cat filename > /dev/fb1
  * Not used by X Windows or text-mode console. But useful for testing.
  * Slow because of extra copy and we must assume all pixels dirty.
static ssize_t dlfb_write(struct fb_info *info, const char __user *buf,
                           size_t count, loff_t *ppos)

Hope it is helpful.


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