[Libdlo] udlfb moving from staging to fbdev/mainline

Bernie Thompson bernie at plugable.com
Fri Jan 7 09:37:36 PST 2011

Some quick good news:

Paul Mundt (the fbdev maintainer) has officially submitted the git pull
request to move DisplayLink support (udlfb) from staging to the mainline
kernel.  This appears to be on track for 2.6.38.


Paul has received a few Plugable DisplayLink-based devices, so he's also
contributing and testing additional cleanups and improvements.  It's
wonderful to have his time and engagement.

This will be a huge help in moving things forwards (e.g. more attention,
distro coverage, and getting more connected with other activity in the fbdev
space), and it also means all future udlfb patches will flow through Paul
and the fbdev branch into the kernel.

Thanks to everyone (Roberto, Jaya, Greg, Andrew, Alexander, and many others)
who helped get the driver to this point.

Best wishes,
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