[Libdlo] udlfb moving from staging to fbdev/mainline

Alexander Todorov atodorov at otb.bg
Fri Jan 14 13:28:32 PST 2011

На  7.01.2011 19:37, Bernie Thompson написа:
> Some quick good news:
> Paul Mundt (the fbdev maintainer) has officially submitted the git pull
> request to move DisplayLink support (udlfb) from staging to the mainline
> kernel.  This appears to be on track for 2.6.38.

Hi Bernie,
this is good news. I have some questions:

1) What happens to git.plugable.com? Which is now the upstream source of udlfb?
This is important for 3rd parties who maintain their local copy of the code.

2) What happens to libdlo mailing list? If udlfb goes under the belt of fbdev 
should discussions be moved to fbdev list and udlfb abandoned?
This is important for people who would like to get directly in touch with 
developers and such.

3) I haven't been following fbdev development closely. Are there any exciting 
new features that we can expect in the future? Can you share if you know.
This is just out of curiosity :)


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